Arjun Arora

1-on-1 Integrative Inner-work

What happens in an Integrative Inner-work Consultation?

Integrative Inner-work is a 1-on-1 consultation that blends together the eastern wisdom of Meditation, Yoga, Vedic philosophy, and Ayurveda with contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches to help one understand and discover their cyclic patterns, identity, motivation, behaviour and Self from a new perspective. Centred around mindfulness and meditation, the sessions help uncover unconscious patterns, shadows, and behaviours through deep listening, discussions, self-awareness and meditation techniques. The process also involves understanding and learning ways to build vital energy(Prana) which has direct correlation with emotions and levels of Self-awareness.

Integrative Therapy is intended for those who are looking to:

  • find alignment with work and life
  • understand their behaviour, identity motivation, patterns
  • find more meaning and purpose
  • balance mental, physical and emotional health
  • becoming aware of  blocks inhibiting one from living up to their full potential

About Arjun

Driven by his endless curiosity for better understanding the self, Arjun has been on journeys across India and the world, learning about holistic wellbeing, philosophy, meditation, yoga, psychology and music. He has been learning from people, experiences, and teachers who have helped shape his perspective and deep understanding of life. This journey led to the creation of Sarveda, an earnest attempt to align his own interests with social impact and inner growth.

Technically, Arjun is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras, but his true passion lies in understanding the mechanics of life instead. To make the human journey more profound, deeper and joyful is what he believes is his PhD and the duration of his PhD, a lifetime.

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Upcoming courses by Arjun Arora

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Moving Beyond Asanas- Course on Yoga Philosophy & Psychology by Arjun Arora

Moving Beyond Asanas is a 4 part course that sheds a fresh perspective on understanding our behaviour, Identity, patterns and motivation by synthesizing the philosophies of Yoga and Advaita Vedanta of the East with the more contemporary Psychology of Jung and Freud of the West.