Arjun Arora

1-on-1 Integrative Inner-work

Integrative Inner work consultations offer a unique and holistic approach to personal growth and self-discovery. By combining the ancient wisdom of meditation, yoga and philosophy with modern psychotherapeutic techniques, Integrative Inner work consultations provide individuals with a comprehensive toolkit for understanding and exploring their inner world. Through deep listening, discussions, self-awareness exercises, and meditation techniques, these consultations aim to unravel unconscious patterns, shadows, and behaviors. In these sessions, individuals are guided to gain a new perspective on their cyclic patterns, identity, motivation, behaviour, and self.
Moreover, the integration of Eastern wisdom with contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches in Integrative Inner work consultations allows individuals to tap into their spiritual well-being and achieve a higher purpose of self-discovery and spiritual well-being. Furthermore, Integrative Inner work consultations provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to engage in deep introspection and self-reflection. During these consultations, individuals have the opportunity to explore their inner world in a profound and meaningful way.

Who is Integrative Inner work consultations for?

Integrative Inner work consultations are designed for individuals who are seeking a holistic and integrative approach to personal growth and self-discovery. They are ideal for those who are interested in blending Eastern wisdom traditions with modern psychotherapeutic techniques. These consultations are suitable for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of their inner world and explore their cyclic patterns, identity, motivation, behaviour.

What will you gain from these consultation sessions?

Through participating in Integrative Inner work consultations, individuals can expect to gain a multitude of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Enhanced insight into unconscious patterns and behaviours
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Greater clarity and perspective on personal goals and motivations
  • Expansion of spiritual well-being and a deeper sense of purpose
  • Development of tools for managing and navigating emotional challenges
  • Strengthened ability to engage in deep introspection and self-reflection

About Arjun

Driven by his endless curiosity for a better understanding of the Self, Arjun has been on journeys across India and the world, learning from philosophies, meditation, yoga, psychology, music and various holistic wellness modalities.

Arjun founded Sarveda as an earnest attempt to align his passion for creativity and well-being with making a positive impact and changing the world for the better.

Technically, Arjun is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras, but his true passion lies in understanding the mechanics of life instead.

His interests lie in integrating the broad vision of the philosophies of the East with the pragmatic psychology of the West.Arjun also works with music and explores its use as a powerful force to help people come closer to their Self.

Along with his wife, Saja, they regularly host yoga and adventure retreats and organise wellness and music programs across India, Lebanon and the world.

Upcoming courses by Arjun Arora

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Sound Alchemy : Online Course on the Art & Science of Sound Therapy & Nada Yoga

In this immersive six part online course, we invite you to embark on a comprehensive exploration of sound as a therapeutic tool by integrating scientific knowledge, psycho-acoustics, and the ancient wisdom of Nada Yoga, offering a distinctive and all-encompassing perspective.

Commencing on October 19th, 2023, this online course will be led by Arjun Arora, Sowmya Aiyyar, and Priyanjali, all of whom are seasoned sound therapists and yoga practitioners with extensive experience and expertise in the realms of music and well-being.

The course is designed to guide you through both the theoretical foundations and practical exercises of sound therapy techniques and Nada Yoga, catering to both group and individual healing. This journey will enable you to forge a profound connection with the profound potential of sound.

Whether you identify as a yoga enthusiast, a wellness practitioner, or someone merely intrigued by the transformative capabilities of sound, this course has been meticulously crafted to furnish you with valuable tools and insights that will enrich your personal and professional path.

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Into the Mind’s ‘I’ – Course on the Mind, Identity & Self from the lens of Yoga & Modern Psychology

This 4 part course takes a deep dive into the workings of our mind, our patterns, motivations, our understanding of Identity and exploring the nature of Consciousness through the lens of Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Modern Psychology.