Sound Therapy Fundamentals

This comprehensive online foundation course offers a holistic approach to sound therapy, blending scientific knowledge, artistic expression, and therapeutic insight.
Designed for practitioners seeking to incorporate sound into their wellness practice, it merges Western scientific perspectives with Eastern spiritual and holistic wisdom.
The course encompasses various elements of sound and vibration, drawing from psycho-acoustics, musical creativity, Nada Yoga, and therapeutic principles rooted in Yoga and contemporary psychotherapy.
It welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, recommending some familiarity with instruments such as singing bowls or percussion.
From traditional instruments like singing bowls, bells, and gongs to modern options like Handpans, tongue drums, and percussion, the curriculum explores a broad range of tools for therapeutic sessions, whether conducted in small groups or one-on-one settings.
Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a wellness professional, or simply curious about the transformative power of sound, this course offers an ideal starting point.
Led by Arora, an experienced yoga practitioner, musician, sound therapist, and founder of Sarveda, participants will gain valuable insights and practical tools for their journey into the realm of sound.


Courses Dates

Course Date Mode Location Timings Total Duration Fees
12 Jul - 02 Aug
Live Online Online
5:30-7PM/6:30-8PM every Friday (TBD based on student preference)
6 Hrs
7500 INR
(100 $)


Session 1

Vibration & Its impact on our Body, Mind & Emotions 

  • Exploring sound & vibration : from Big Bang to Nada Brahma
  • Uncovering music’s therapeutic origins
  • Exploring Sound sources, frequency & scales
  • Delving into the question: Does Sound Therapy truly heal?
  • Panchakoshas & Sound’s Impact on Body and Mind
  • Entrancement and resonance
  • Exploring brainwaves, binaural and monaural beats
  • Exploring classification of instruments 
  • Panchamahabhootas & elemental classification of Instruments

 Session 2 

Singing Bowls & Connecting with Sound

  • Understanding Singing Bowls: Origin, Types, Usage
  • Learning Rimming and striking
  • Mallets & Sounds of Singing Bowls
  • Understanding & Measuring Frequencies
  • Understanding the difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz
  • Octaves, Harmonics & Overtones
  • Consonance & Dissonance

Session 3

Crafting Sound Journey & Exploring Instruments

  • Exploring Gongs
  • Exploring Handpans & Tongue drums
  • Exploring Percussion & Chimes
  • Preparing yourself & Space
  • Setting Intention & using instruments as tools for expression
  • Crafting sound journey for Individuals

Session 4

Crafting Sound Journey, Exploring Instruments, Q&A

  • Crafting sound journey for groups
  • Choosing your instruments
  • Working with Percussion & Rhythms
  • Q & As

About the Teachers


Arjun Arora

Driven by his endless curiosity for a better understanding of the Self, Arjun has been on journeys across India and the world, learning from philosophies, meditation, yoga, psychology, music and various holistic wellness modalities. Arjun founded Sarveda as an earnest attempt to align his passion for creativity and well-being with making a positive impact and changing the world for the better.

He is a percussionist, guitarist, sound producer and a sound therapist with a keen interest to use music as a force to help people connect with themselves and others. His other interests lie in integrating the broad vision of the philosophies of the East with the pragmatic psychology of the West.  Arjun is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras.

Course Schedule:

The course comprises of 6 sessions each roughly 1.5 hours in duration spread over 4 weeks to be offered online on Zoom in the dates mentioned in the schedule

 To learn more or register, please write to us at or Whatsapp at +91 9535975075



  • In the event that I cannot attend a live online session, will I still be able to access the recorded session?
    • Absolutely, recorded sessions will be accessible to participants who are unable to attend the online sessions.
  • Is this course appropriate for beginners?
    • Yes, this course is open to individuals of all skill levels. The only prerequisites are an interest in music and a willingness to learn 🙂
  • Will there be an offline practical session included?
    • This course offers live interaction, enabling participants to ask questions and resolve doubts during online sessions. Towards the course’s conclusion, students will participate in a demonstration session to apply their learning. Moreover, guidance will be provided on instrument selection.
  • How long will I have access to the recorded sessions?
    • Participants will have access to the course materials and recordings for a period of 1 month after the course, allowing for flexibility in your learning schedule.
  • Are there any specific technical requirements for joining the online sessions?
    • To participate in the online sessions, you will need a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and any software or applications specified in the course materials. Having a singing bowl and experience working with a few instruments is always an advantage but not mandatory. Detailed technical requirements will be provided upon enrolment.
  • Can I interact with the instructor and other participants during the online sessions?
    • Yes, our online sessions are designed to be interactive. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussions as instructed by the instructor. The typical format involves the instructor teaching in the first part of the session and dedicating the later part for Q&A.
  • Will I get a certificate for completing the course?
    • Yes, this course gives a certificate of completion to participants provided they complete the prerequisites and assignment for the course which will be discussed during the course.

What else is included for participants?

  • A pdf handout with all essential aspects of sound healing covered during the course.
  • Access to recorded sessions for upto 1 month after the course
  •  Participants can avail an additional discount on instruments purchased from the Sarveda Store


If you'd like to register for the course, please click on the 'Enrol' button. If you'd like to know more about this course, feel free to chat with us!