Moving Beyond Asanas- Course on Yoga Philosophy & Psychology by Arjun Arora

Moving Beyond Asanas is a 4 part course that sheds a fresh perspective on understanding our behaviour, Identity, patterns and motivation by synthesizing the philosophies of Yoga and Advaita Vedanta of the East with the more contemporary Psychology of Jung and Freud of the West.


6 hours

Wednesday 6-7:30PM

Saturday 6-7:30PM

Starting August 3, 2022

Till August 25, 2022


12000 INR(for Indian residents) / 150 USD (for residents outside India)

Part 1 of the course gives an overview of the nature of our mind, identity, intellect and consciousness and explores and questions our constructed identity and how social conditioning influences it.

Part 2 of the course takes a dive into cyclical patterns(Samskaras), behaviours, motivations and innate desires that drive action. We also look at Personas and Jungian shadows as we explore ways to enhance integration, observation and self-awareness.

In Part 3, we explore how vital energy(Prana) from breathing(Pranayama) and food(as we briefly cover Ayurveda) impacts our Koshas(energy sheaths) and the level of awareness. We understand how Yoga looks at our body and learn certain types of Pranayama and asanas that can help build Prana.

Part 4 covers how we can be more meditative and in alignment with ourselves by exploring intentions, mindfulness, Karma and flow states. We open up to the concept of Non-dualism, Atman/Brahman and tenets from the Upanishads that can help expand our understanding of consciousness and who we truly are.

This course is designed for those interested in exploring more about the Self from a psycho-spiritual point of view. It serves to provide a fresh new perspective to those interested in knowing more about the Eastern Philosophy of Living, and Meditation, and those seeking to align what they do and how they live with their inner calling.

Course Schedule:

This course in being offered both offline(@shakitbeirut) in Beirut, Lebanon and online over zoom.

The course comprises of 4 sessions each 1.5 hours in duration spread over 2 weeks( every wed and sat each week from 6-7:30PM(EEST) for offline 3-4:30PM(EEST) for Online/Online time subject to change based on availability and location of participating students).

The offline course is scheduled to start on 3rd August 2022 at Shakti Beirut, Lebanon and the online on 11th August. To learn more or register, please write to or Whatsapp at +91 8861568960

About the Teachers


Arjun Arora

Driven by his endless curiosity for better understanding the self, Arjun has been on journeys across India and the world, learning about holistic wellbeing, philosophy, meditation, yoga, psychology and music. He has been learning from people, experiences, and teachers who have helped shape his perspective and deep understanding of life. He is the founder of @sarvedalife, a holistic wellness platform with a range of wellness products, courses and retreats and @shaktibeirut, a yoga and wellness space in Beirut, his earnest attempts to align his own inner calling for wellness, philosophy, music and creativity. He is an engineering graduate from IIT and consulted startups and companies in the space of marketing and UX in his previous avatar.


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