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In the Lap of The Himalayas- Yoga & Holistic Wellness Retreat

The Himalayan retreat takes us to the root of this ancient and vast system of wellbeing and self-realisation as we uncover our own deeper nature while travelling through the magnificent Himalayan terrain.

29th Apr-8th May 2022


Sometimes when we look back at our lives, we find only a handful of truly impactful, life-changing moments that define how we see our own selves and the world around us. It is these moments that take our breath away and give us the time to pause and reflect on the course of our lives. What if there were more of these defining moments?


With our retreats, we try to create these pivotal experiences that help us pause and reflect on the intense velocity of our modern day lives. Opening ourselves up to different people, cultures, ideologies and philosophies reveals dimensions that we never would have imagined existed within us or outside us. This puts our own lives in perspective and gives us a new, intentional way forward.