Shamanic Drum with Butterfly Artwork

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Our Shamanic drums are handmade with care and precision, using traditional techniques and materials. The drums have been beautifully painted with artwork such as butterflies and sacred symbols, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

The Shamanic drums are not just ordinary musical instruments; they hold a deep spiritual significance in various cultures and traditions. The Shamanic drums serve as a powerful tool for shamans to enter altered states of consciousness and embark on shamanic journeys. The rhythmic beating of the Shamanic drums induces a trance-like state, allowing the shaman to communicate with the spirit world and receive guidance and healing.


Key Features:

● These drums are 29 cm in diameter, making them the perfect size for both professional shamans and enthusiasts.
● Each drum weighs 225 grams, ensuring a comfortable and portable experience for the user.
● Comes with a mallet to play the drum
● Each drum is handmade and crafted with high-quality materials such as wood and animal hide, ensuring durability and authenticity.
● The drums have been exquisitely painted with artwork that symbolises spiritual themes and energies.


How to Play:

To play the shamanic drum, one must first understand the basic techniques and principles involved in producing the desired sounds and rhythms. The shamanic drum is typically played with a combination of hand and stick techniques. The hand technique involves using the palm of the hand to strike the center of the drumhead, producing a deep and resonant
sound. The stick technique involves using a drumstick or beater to strike the drumhead, creating a sharper and more defined sound. It is important to experiment with different hand and stick techniques to find the right balance of sound and rhythm.


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