Asalato/Aslatau or Kashaka Shaker

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The Aslatau or Asalato, also known as Kashakas, are small percussion instruments that originated from West Africa. Our Asalato consists of two identically shaped wooden shells, connected by a string. When played, the shells are held in the player’s hand and struck together rhythmically. These instruments can create unique rhythmic patterns and sounds that add depth and complexity to musical performances. Unlike shakers and rattles, the Aslatau or Asalato requires a more skilled technique to produce its distinctive sound.


Key features :

● Our Asalato weighs 50 grams, making it lightweight and easy to handle.
● The diameter of each shell is roughly 5cm and the length of the string attached to the wooden shells is roughly 13cm
● The shells are typically made from high-quality wood to ensure durability and enhance the resonance of the instrument.


How to play Asalato?

To play the Asalato, one must hold the instrument in one hand and move it back and forth by using a twisting wrist motion. This motion causes the wooden shells to strike against each other, creating rhythmic and percussive sounds. The Asalato requires dexterity and coordination due to its unique playing technique.


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