7-Key Kalimba made from coconut shell – Plain

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The Kalimba is a type of thumb piano that has been an important part of African music and culture for thousands of years. The bell-like tone of the Kalimba with its even harmonics creates rich warm and soothing sounds.
Our Kalimbas are handcrafted using natural coconut shells with 8 Keys to produce beautiful natural vibrations. The coconut kalimbas are also artistically hand painted that make them aesthetically stand out as well. These Kalimbas come with a hole to help produce resonant sounds that amplify the sound produced by the keys.

The Kalimba is perfect for anyone who loves music, it's easy to learn and just needs to be played with two thumbs to make a great sound. This is also suitable if you are just beginning your musical journey and is also a perfect gift item for musician friends.


Simply hold the instrument in your hand and pluck the prongs with both your thumbs.

100% Handmade
Made from Natural Coconut Shells
Artistically Hand Painted
Lightweight – easy to carry
Music on the go
Easy to learn, beginner friendly


No of Keys: 7
Material: Coconut Shells


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