Spiral/Snake Didgeridoo

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The Spiral didgeridoo is a unique variation of the traditional didgeridoo instrument, characterised by its distinctive shape similar to that of a coiled snake. This unique design allows for a more comfortable playing position and can create a
more versatile range of sounds compared to a straight didgeridoo. The Spiral or Snake-shaped didgeridoo is more compact, lighter and easier to carry as compared to the traditional Didgeridoo. It is believed that this design originated from the need for a more portable and practical instrument, especially for traveling musicians.



Our Spiral Didgeridoos have been handcrafted from high-quality Suar wood. This wood is known for its durability and resonant qualities, which enhance the sound produced by the instrument. The instrument is beautifully dot painted with artwork to add to its visual appeal. The unique shape of the Spiral didgeridoo allows for a more comfortable playing position and offers a wider range of sounds compared to traditional straight didgeridoos.


Key features:

● The Spiral Didgeridoos are much more compact and lighter weight than the traditional ones.
● They weigh 900 grams and are 35 cms long, making it easier for musicians to carry and transport them.
● Comes in a variety of designs
● The Didgeridoos come with beautiful artwork painted on them, adding to their visual appeal.
● The unique spiral shape of the didgeridoo allows for a more comfortable playing position and offers a wider range of sounds.

How to Play the Spiral Didgeridoo?

Playing the Spiral Didgeridoo required mastering the circular breathing technique. Circular breathing is a technique that enables the wind instrumentalist to maintain a sound for long periods of time by inhaling through the nose while maintaining airflow through the instrument, using the cheeks as bellows.

To play the Spiral didgeridoo, the musician must first position the instrument comfortably against their lips and create a seal between their lips and the mouthpiece of the didgeridoo. They then use their vocal tract and lips to produce vibrations, which are amplified by the shape and material of the instrument.

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    September 4, 2023

    One of the best quality digeridoos out there. Design is also something different. Cool sounds.

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