Handmade Universal Bowl for Sound Healing

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Whether you’re just embarking on your journey into the realm of sound healing or you’ve been immersed in its practice for quite some time, the Universal bowl stands out as a fundamental component of your healing toolkit. This versatile bowl serves as a cornerstone, seamlessly fitting into various facets of your sound healing endeavors, be it large-scale healing ceremonies or intimate one-on-one sessions. Its adaptability and resonance make it an indispensable asset, catering to the diverse needs of both newcomers and seasoned practitioners in the intricate world of sound healing.


Key Features :

  • weighs roughly 1 kg
  • Measures roughly 21/22cm or 8-8.5 inches in diameter
  • Rim thickness of the bowl is around 2-3mm.
  • Comes with a rimming mallet, striking mallet and a cushion
  • Made of a high-quality Bronze alloy
  • Long-lasting, resonant sound
  • Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, sound therapy
  • Handmade by artisans in India & Nepal using traditional tools and techniques


Key Features :

All purpose Singing Bowl

If you’re new into Sound healing or a seasoned practitioner, the Universal bowl is an essential piece in your healing set that can be used as an all-purpose bowl for sound healing ceremonies or one-on-one healing.


The bowl typically weighs roughly 1 kg and measure roughly 21-22cm or 8-8.5 inches in diameter. the rim thickness of the bowl is around 2-3mm.

Deeply Relax with Natural Frequencies :

Tibetan monks have been using singing bowls for healing for centuries. It is believed that these bowls produce a range of frequencies that restore balance and harmony in our body, mind, and soul by invoking deep meditative and peaceful states. Our Singing bowls are used by Yogis, Reiki practitioners, sound healers, and musicians alike to balance the body’s chakras, eliminate stress, and promote holistic healing.

How Frequency changes with Size :

In general, smaller singing bowls will create higher tones while larger bowls will produce a lower tones.

Handcrafted with different Metals :

Our singing bowls are made of different metals typically alloys that include copper, zinc, iron, and traces of gold and silver.
Each bowl has a signature resonant tone, based on that specific bowl’s shape, size, weight, dimensions and whether it’s handmade or not. No two bowls sound the same. Also, because every piece is individually hand-hammered, please expect slight variations from the picture. There may be small pit marks or dents where the hammer hits the surface.

Comes with 2 Wooden mallets & a cushion :

Each of our singing bowls comes with 2 gorgeous hand-carved wooden mallets-one for striking and one for rimming and a handwoven cushion to place your bowls on.

Made by Artisans in India & Nepal :

Our Singing Bowls are made by artisans in India and Nepal who have been traditionally hand-crafting these instruments for generations.

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