Mini Bamboo and Aluminium Bar Chime

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The mini bamboo and aluminium bar chime is a unique musical instrument that produces beautiful and soothing sounds. It’s a compact-sized bar chime that consists of 10 small aluminium rods attached to a bamboo harness. The bar chime creates melodic tones when gently struck with a finger or by the wind. Its design allows for easy transportation and versatility in various musical settings.



Key features:

● Compact and lightweight
● Weighs 70 grams and measures 20 cm in length and width.
● Consists of 10 aluminium rods attached to a bamboo harness
● Produces melodic tones when struck
● Versatile and can be used in various musical settings


Care Instructions:

The bar chime is a delicate instrument and therefore requires proper care and
maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimum performance.

● Use a dry soft cloth to clean the aluminium rods and bamboo harness.
● Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture as it can damage the materials.
● Store the mini bamboo and aluminium bar chime in a cool and dry place when
not in use to prevent any potential damage.


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