Coconut Maracas Shaker

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Coconut maracas shakers are percussion instruments that produce sound by shaking them.  The sound of coconut maracas shakers is generated by the movement of small beads, inside the hollow body. These small wooden beads create a rhythmic shaking sound when the instrument is moved back and forth. Coconut maracas shakers have been used in traditional music for centuries, adding a unique and characteristic sound to various genres of music.


Key Features:

● The Coconut Maracas Shaker is made from Natural Coconut Shell
● It is lightweight and weighs approximately 130 grams, making it easy to handle and play for extended periods of time.
● It is roughly 22 cm long and has a comfortable ergonomic grip for easy and precise control while playing.
● The coconut maracas shaker’s spherical body allows for a resonant and balanced sound.


How to play the Coconut Maracas Shaker?

To play the coconut maracas shaker, hold the handle of the instrument in your hand and gently shake it back and forth. The movement of the beads inside the hollow body will create a shaking sound.


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