9/10 Notes Handpan Drum – Handcrafted to Precision

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Crafted from 1.2mm thick steel, these handpans are built to last, ensuring stable tuning with precise harmonics, a warm timbre for a wholesome sound, and balanced sustain for both meditative and percussive play.  Its tonal clarity ensures absolute note isolation, while the tuned shoulders allow advanced percussive play and reactive notes for dynamic volume control. Our handpans are also heat stabilised for all-season playing and maintenance-free thanks to rust-resistant stainless steel. Each handpan comes along with a soft case for carrying and securing. You can also add on a handpan stand as an additional accessory.
Please contact us if you’d like to have custom artwork made on your handpan. You could also chose between Natural Patina and Polished Silver as colour options for your handpan.

Key Features:

Thickness: 1.2mm for top shell and 1mm bottom shell
Made from rust resistant Cinder Stainless Steel
Weight: 4.5Kgs
Inner Diameter: 53cm
Outer Diameter: 56cm
Height: 28cm
Built with Equal Temperament
Heat sustained to enjoy playing in all weather conditions and seasons
Precise Harmonics with warm Timbre
Tuned shoulders to enable complex percussive play
Tolerance: +/- 10 cents for each note
Handpan comes along with a soft case for carrying and securing.
You can add on a handpan stand as an additional accessory at an extra cost.
You can have custom artwork or designs laser engraved on your handpan if you’d like (at an additional cost).
You could also chose between Natural Patina and Polished Silver as colour options for your handpan.
2 year warranty and life time support



C# AnnaZiska (9 notes)

The AnnaZiska in C# is a 9-note handpan featuring the complete natural minor scale. This 9-note configuration is ideal for newcomers seeking an affordable starting point for their handpan journey. With its layout of 8 notes within the tonal circle, playing this instrument becomes a delightful, straightforward, and instinctive experience. This scale is renowned for its adaptability, allowing you to craft melodies that convey a wide range of emotions, from enigmatic and contemplative to somber and tension-filled, or even bright, optimistic, and uplifting, depending on the chords you choose to play. The classic 9-note arrangement of the handpan provides impeccable tonal separation and is well-suited for a blend of melodic and percussive techniques.

Celtic D Minor (9 notes)

The Celtic D Minor is a 9 note handpan perfect for beginners looking for a budget friendly handpan scale to start their handpan journey with. It has 9 notes It is based on the natural minor omitting the sixth note. It is the best scale for sound therapists, healers, and yoga teachers. The layout with 8 notes in the tonal circle makes the playability of the instrument fun, easy and intuitive. The layout for this handpan has perfect tonal isolation and is great for a combination of melodic and percussive playing.

D Kurd (10 notes)

The classic series of 10-note handpans is an ideal choice for enthusiasts and artists who want to start their handpan journey with an instrument that is both user-friendly and budget-friendly. Among our popular scales, the D Kurd 10 offers versatility and is well-suited for beginners and intermediate players. With the inclusion of Bb3, it creates a complete natural D Minor scale. Moreover, the presence of the high C5 enables players to explore the D Celtic Minor scale as well, allowing for a wide range of musical possibilities. If you’re seeking a durable instrument to kickstart your handpan learning journey, this is the perfect choice that will serve you for a lifetime. Additionally, you can consider upgrading your 10-note handpan in the future by adding up to 6 additional notes, transforming it into a 16-note handpan.

F# Low Pygmy (9 notes)

The Pygmy scale hails from Africa and is characterized by its sweet and melodious tones. The F# Low Pygmy handpan, featuring 9 notes with 8 notes arranged within the tonal circle, ensures a playful, easy, and intuitive playing experience. However, due to the consecutive half steps in this scale, it may present a challenge for novice players. Nevertheless, if you’re in search of a scale imbued with a Middle Eastern flair and offering excellent potential for percussive techniques, this would be an outstanding choice! The traditional 9-note layout for handpans provides impeccable tonal separation and lends itself well to a blend of both melodic and percussive playing styles.


Key Features :

Built to Last :

These handpans are made from 1.2mm thick steel ensuring durability and longevity in their design. This thickness of steel not only contributes to their sturdiness but also plays a crucial role in producing the instrument’s resonant and captivating tones.

Balanced Sustain :

The handpan is renowned for their carefully balanced sustain, which allows players to create both meditative, ethereal melodies and rhythmic, percussive beats. This unique quality makes handpans versatile instruments suitable for a wide range of musical styles and moods.

Precise Harmonics :

These handpans are known for their stable tuning, ensuring that the instrument maintains its pitch accuracy over time. This reliability in tuning is essential for producing the precise harmonics and captivating overtones that define the handpan’s distinctive and enchanting sound.

Wholesome Sound :

The handpan is cherished for their warm timbre, which contributes to a rich and wholesome sound. This characteristic timbre is what gives the handpan its unique and inviting sonic quality, making it a favored choice for creating atmospheric and emotive music.

Enjoy Music in All Seasons :

These handpans are often heat stabilized during their crafting process to ensure they can withstand a wide range of temperatures. This feature enables musicians to play and enjoy the instrument’s beautiful music regardless of the weather or climate conditions, making handpans versatile and resilient musical companions.

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