Engraved Flat/Wind/Tibetan Gong for Meditation & Sound Therapy

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The Wind gong, also referred to as Flat gongs, serves as a crucial element in sound therapy and meditation. Distinguished by their wide, flat face and a turned-up rim, these gongs exhibit a unique appearance and are meticulously crafted from superior-quality bronze or other alloys. This craftsmanship ensures not only a visually distinctive instrument but also contributes to the gong’s resonant and versatile sound.



Key Features:

  • Available in a range of sizes, spanning from 30 cm (12 in) to 60 cm (23 in).
  • Available in 7 different engravings
  • The weight of the 30cm gong is less than a 1 kg and increase approximately by 600gms for every 2in or 5cm with the 60cm one at 5 kgs
  • They come in intervals of 5cm(2in). Please note the dimensions vary and are not precise since they are all handmade
  • Handmade with precision, the gongs showcase a level of craftsmanship that imparts uniqueness to each instrument.
  • The gongs produce a bright and penetrating sound, effectively awakening and unsettling emotions in the body and mind.
  • Commonly utilised for sound healing and meditation practices.
  • The turned-up rim enhances the complexity of the gong’s sound, allowing for a versatile range of tones.
  • Crafted by artisans in India and Nepal, these gongs maintain a connection to generations of traditional handcrafting.


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