Gong for Meditation & Sound Therapy : Tam-Tam/Chau Gong

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The Chau gong, also known as Tam tams, has now become an integral element in sound therapy and meditation. However, it has held a crucial role in traditional Chinese and Asian music and culture for an extended period. Characterized by a broad, flat face and a turned-up rim, Chao gongs boast a distinctive appearance. Typically crafted from bronze or other alloys, they generate a diverse range of tones, spanning from deep and resonant to bright and penetrating. The turned-up rim contributes to the intricate nature of the gong’s sound. The sound produced by the Chao gong can vary significantly based on factors such as size, thickness, and the manner of play. Utilized with a mallet or gong beater, the striking technique becomes a determinant in shaping the resulting sound. The gongs are available from 24 inches(60cm) to 40inches(100cm)



Key Features:

  • The gongs come in a range of sizes from 60cm(24 in) to 100cm(40 in)
  • The weight of the gongs ranges from 5.5kgs for 60cm(24in) to 20kgs for 100cm(40 in) with a additional 2kgs for every variant in between Each variation 
  • These gongs are handmade from superior quality of Bronze
  • They come in intervals of 5cm(2in). Please note the dimensions vary and are not precise since they are all handmade
  • The gongs produce a bright and penetrating sound that is used to awaken and unsettle emotions in the body and mind
  • They are commonly used for sound healing and meditation


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