Stainless Steel Straws

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Our stainless-steel straw sets are an eco-friendly way to help eliminate the harmful effects plastic has on the environment. One plastic straw takes over 200 years to decompose. These steel straws are compact, portable and designed for reuse. You can carry our straws with you everywhere to replace the wasteful single-use straws that trash our oceans and environment. The straws come in sets of 2 and 4 with straight straws, bent straws and a straw cleaner. They come in an eco-friendly, reusable cloth pouch and are suitable for coconut water, juices, milk and cocktails.



Made of stainless steel

The straws are made of food grade stainless steel which is hygienic and safe from BPA. Its leaves no metal aftertaste and it is dishwasher safe.

Be the change

With this easy switch, you would save hundreds of plastic straws in your lifetime from littering the oceans and landfills, endangering marine lives and polluting water and soil for ages. Make a choice that is better for the environment.

Easy to clean

Simply rise after every use. A cleaning brush is available for an extra good scrub. The straw is also dishwasher friendly.


The straws are 19 centimetres long which makes it easy to carry them along with you in a bag. Now you can sip your favourite juices without using wasteful plastic straws that take ages to decompose.


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    April 3, 2023

    Very fast delivery.

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    April 12, 2023

    I like the packaging and the quality of these straws.

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