Musical Wooden Frog

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The musical wooden frog, also known as the wooden frog scraper is a unique instrument with a sound that mimics the croaking of a frog. The sound is produced by scraping a stick along the ridges on the back of the wooden frog, creating a percussive and rhythmic sound. It’s a fairly simple-to-use instrument and can be learnt easily by all age groups. The wooden frog comes with a small wooden mallet slotted inside the frog body, which when removed is used to create the scraping sound.


Key features:

● A simple and easy-to-use musical instrument suitable for all ages.
● Compact and lightweight- weighs only 40 gms and measures less than 10 cm in length and width.
● Comes with a wooden mallet that is slotted inside the frog’s body for convenience.
● Mimics the croaking sound of a frog with its unique ridges on the back


How to play?

Remove the wooden mallet from the frog’s body and hold it in your dominant hand. Place the wooden frog on a flat surface or place it on the flat surface of the palm of your non-dominant hand. Gently run the mallet along the ridges on the frog’s back, applying pressure and moving it back and forth. As the mallet scrapes against the ridges, the wooden frog creates a distinct croaking sound.

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