“The quest for Oneness is the most sublime. But who is on the lookout in the first place?” – Leowe

The webinar focuses on the integration and deeper understanding of “I am” awareness through direct experience, supported by teachings from Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Mooji, and Osho. It also includes teachings from Indian masters like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj, as well as Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Laotse, and Socrates. The talk will emphasize the importance of living as pure Presence in infinite love and the liberation of humankind. It is possible to discard all concepts and recognize that which is without them, enabling all concepts to be. To be one with Truth is the result of devotion, which leads to the collapse of all concepts through understanding. It is wonderful to step out of obsessive thinking and meet in immeasurable silence, all it takes is a moment here and now.

Meet Leowe, whose life changed dramatically on December 11, 2018. A breakup letter shattered his world, leading to a profound awakening. Prior to this, Leowe had grappled with suffering and distractions, yearning for something deeper. The awakening dissolved his sense of self and unveiled the illusory nature of separation. Now, Leowe’s life is marked by an awe-inspiring appreciation of the present moment. Guided by spiritual teachings, he aims to share wisdom and guide others toward liberation from limiting concepts. Leowe believes that embracing the immeasurable silence of the here and now holds the key to genuine liberation and boundless love.

Journey into Oneness, Awakening of Heart with Leowe.

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