Egg Shaker with Handle

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Egg shakers are percussion instruments that are shaped like eggs and filled with beads or small pellets. They are held in the hand and shaken to create rhythmic patterns and sounds. Our Egg shakers are made from Mahogany wood and are lightweight and produce a pleasant, crisp sound. The addition of a handle to the traditional design of an egg shaker offers several advantages. Firstly, the handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for easy and secure handling of the instrument. This is especially beneficial for children or individuals with small hands, as it reduces the risk of dropping or losing control of the shaker during play.

Additionally, the handle allows for more precise control of the shaker’s movements, allowing the player to vary the intensity and speed of the shaking, resulting in a greater range of rhythmic possibilities.


Key Features:

● Lightweight and portable
● Weighs 35 grams and is 20 cm long
● Made from Mahogany wood for a pleasant sound
● Handle design for comfortable and secure grip
● Allows for precise control of shaking movements

How to play the Egg Shaker with Handle:

To play the Egg Shaker with a Handle, simply hold the handle in your hand and grip it firmly. Shake the instrument back and forth or in a circular motion to create the desired sound.

Care Instructions:

● Handle with care: Egg shakers are delicate instruments, so it is important to handle them with care to prevent any damage or breakage.

● Keep it clean: Regularly clean the egg shaker to remove any dirt, dust, or debris by gently wiping it with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using water or liquids to clean the egg shaker, as it can damage the instrument.

● Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures: Egg shakers are made of wood, which can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is important to store the egg shaker in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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