Spin/Twist Drum or Den Den Daiko

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The Den Den Daiko, also known as the Spin/Twist Drum, is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument that is characterised by its unique spinning and twisting motion to produce rhythmic sound. This instrument consists of a wooden body with two beautifully painted drum heads and beads attached to strings wrapped around the instrument. When the player rotates the Den Den Daiko using a handle, the strings unravel and create a spinning motion that causes the beads to hit the drum heads. The resulting sound is a distinctive and lively rhythm that adds a dynamic element to traditional Japanese music. The Den Den Daiko is a popular instrument in festivals and other cultural events in Japan.



Key features:

● Lightweight and portable
● Weight 70 grams and 30 cm long with 12cm diameter drumhead
● Comes in a range of artwork painted on the drumhead
● Beads attached to strings wrapped around the instrument


How to play Den Den Daiko or Spin/Twist Drum?

To play the Den Den Daiko or Spin/Twist Drum, hold onto the handle of the instrument and rotate it in a twisting motion. The spinning motion will cause the strings to unravel, allowing the beads to strike the drum heads and produce rhythmic sounds.

Care instructions:

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the Den Den Daiko or Spin/Twist Drum, it is important to follow some care instructions.

● First, store the instrument in a cool and dry place to avoid warping or damage to the wooden body.

● Additionally, it is recommended to avoid exposing the instrument to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause the drum heads to become brittle or lose their resonance.

● Furthermore, it is important to regularly clean the drum heads with a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time.

● Avoid using liquids or water to clean the drum heads, as this can damage the paint or the integrity of the instrument.

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