Bamboo Castanet

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Bamboo Castanets also referred to as Bamboo clappers are percussion instruments that produce a distinctive clicking sound when struck together. The sound produced by the bamboo castanets is achieved through percussive contact between the paired castanet-like structures on each piece. The use of castanets in music and dance can be traced back to ancient times. They were originally used in traditional Spanish flamenco music and dance, but their popularity has spread to other cultural traditions as well.


Our Bamboo castanets offer a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional castanets. These castanets are lightweight, durable, and have a natural resonance that enhances their sound quality. Our range of Castanets has beautifully engraved
artwork that adds to their visual appeal. They are suitable for musicians of all ages and are perfect for various musical genres, such as flamenco, classical, and folk music.

Key features:

● Our castanets are made from Bamboo, which is a lightweight and eco-friendly material.
● They weigh 65 grams and are 20 cm long.
● They are easy to learn and suitable for all age groups including small children.
● They come with beautiful engraved artwork that adds to the visual appeal of the instrument.


How to play a Castanet?

Castanets are fairly intuitive to play, just hold the bamboo tube with your hand and shake the castanet to produce the clicking sound.

Care Instructions:

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of bamboo castanets, it is essential to follow proper care instructions. Here are some guidelines on how to care for bamboo castanets:

● Handle with care: Bamboo castanets are delicate instruments, so it is important to handle them with care to avoid any damage.
● Avoid extremes in temperature and humidity: Bamboo is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so it is important to store bamboo castanets in a controlled environment.

● Clean regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of the castanets after each use. Avoid cleaning with water or any liquid.

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    September 4, 2023

    My first time buying an instrument like this. Brings me joy to play with it.

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